php2qrErxAM-200x300Julia Gibson is a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University. She received her BA in Philosophy and Russian Studies from William Smith College in 2009. Before obtaining her MA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado in 2013, she spent two years at the international salmon conservation organization Wild Salmon Center. Following the completion of her MA, Julia worked as a Collective Manager and Produce Team Member at a community-owned grocery store in Portland, OR. She envisions her research taking shape where the boundaries between feminist, political, and environmental philosophy grow pleasantly and productively murky. Julia’s current work focuses on developing an ecodependent model of political community aimed at combating interspecies injustice.

Charles Hayes is pursuing a doctoral degree in philosophy, with a graduate specialization in Environmental Science and Policy. His research centers around environmental ethics, with specific interests in the ethics of collaborative public land management, the project of rewilding, and environmental virtue ethics. He often approaches these topics in conversation with the philosophy of technology, with the hope of illuminating how our technological age has shaped the way we understand and inhabit our environments. Aside from study, Charles enjoys walking farther than is reasonable and stopping to identify trees.

Bethany Laursen is an M.A. student in Philosophy and a Ph.D. student in Community Sustainability at MSU. She previously received a B.S. in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry from Biola University, and an M.S. in Environment & Resources and Forestry from UW-Madison. After practicing as an interdisciplinary environmental scholar and educator for 10 years, she switched fields to study theories of interdisciplinarity itself. She is particularly interested in tools that enhance interdisciplinary reasoning in sustainability studies. She also maintains an evaluation, data visualization, and leadership consultancyHere’s a video about Bethany’s work at MSU, and here’s her CV.

monica-e1343922984917Monica List is a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, also pursuing graduate specializations in Ecological Food and Farming Systems, and Animal Studies. She earned a Veterinary Medicine degree in 2000, and a Master’s Degree in Bioethics in 2011, both from the National University of Costa Rica. From 2000 to 2005, she was a veterinary resident at the Zoo Ave Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Alajuela, Costa Rica, where her work primarily focused on the rehabilitation and reintroduction of small primates. From 2006 to 2010, she worked as Regional Veterinary Programs Manager for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), implementing companion animal welfare and tertiary animal welfare education programs in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. She currently serves as an academic advisor for the Bioethics, Humanities, and Society Specialization at MSU. Her research focuses on animal ethics, animal welfare, the ethics of food and agriculture, and environmental bioethics. CV

Jessica Richardson is a doctoral student with the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University. Her areas of interest are in environmental philosophy, feminist theory, environmental justice, and bioethics. Jessica received her bachelor of arts from the University of Minnesota and double majored in the Philosophy and Biology, Society & Environments (BSE) programs. With interests in environmental justice and the relation between people and their environment, Jessica looks to draw together the research experience she’s had through lab work, broadly focusing on society and philosophical work that draws on Feminist thought to look more closely at connections between race, gender and environmental issue. Her position as a first generation black scholar informs and drives her work and academic interests in furthering work centered on race and environments. In her spare time Jessica is a walker (no not the Walking Dead!) and enjoys photographing graffiti and nature landscapes.

Jared L Talley is a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University with a focus in environmental philosophy and ethics. He received a BA in Philosophy from Boise State University in 2014 and an MPA in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from Boise State University in 2016. His research interests are in the philosophy of environmental governance, concentrating on the roles of science and community engagement in environmental policy and management. To this end, he is focused on better understanding how diverse communities construct relationships to their environments, how policy programs interpret and manage for these relationships, and how the nature of the ecological sciences provides opportunities and obstacles for environmental management. His free time is spent on rivers, in mountains, and losing himself in science fiction movies. More information can be found on his website.